Directions to the race track: The 56th street exit is now open. You will need to take the exit for 56th street and cross the bridge to get to the race track.

  • Any questions phone: 785-887-6329, between 7a.m. - 10:30p.m.

    The recent weather trend makes a person think of the roar of open headers and tire smoke hanging in the air. The beginning of Midwest Raceway's 2015 racing season is scheduled to come out of the water box on May 2. The remainder of the schedule will be determined at a later date. Erroll, Nancy, and the gang at Midwest Raceway hope everyone had a joyful holiday season, and are looking forward to a great upcoming summer of fun at the dragstrip!!!

    Test N Tune $25.00 on day of scheduled race. TNT will run with time trial sessions.

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